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Further about establishment.

Winery "Lodi"

People say in the village that the soil, here in Feketic, is adapted for growing grapes. Is it true? Miklos Lodi and his family started on this not so simple enterprise in this difficult country in 1997. The family invested its saved money earned in Switzerland.

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Motel Pipacs

Thank you very much for interesting in our pension. It is a great pleasure for us that you visited our site. We hope we have collected all the information that will convince you to visit the Pipacs pension, restaurant, camping complex in Feketics where you can see the unique natural and cultural facilities of Vajdaság. You can relax in a tarnished ambience, enjoying our familiar hospitality.

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The first sour cherry trees were put in by my grandfather in the beginning of the 1960s. In those days it was easy to sell this early-ripening, sweet sour cherry for a good amount of money at close-by markets. At the end of the 60s, he grew plantation. My grandfather had 600 sour cherry trees. In 1970s , there was a crisis in sour cherry growing, so the most of the people in Feketic exterminated their plantation. Our family continued the growing. Today, we have 400 sour cherry trees, 200 of them are producive. Love for sour cherry growing does from father to son, as well as the knowledge of the distillation.

- visiting sour cherry plantations
- taking part in harvests
- distillation

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