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Kishegyes lies in the heart of Bacska, on the two sides of the river Krivaja, embraced by the Telecska hills, half-way between Újvidék/Novi Sad and Szabadka/Subotica. The number of its inhabitants reaches 5800, mostly of Hungarian nationality but Serbs and Gypsies live here as well.

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Further about establishment.

Kátai tanya (farmstead)


Allow us to introduce our region through some sentences, the village, Kishegyes, the Katai Tanya and all the buildings, sights and services, which can be seen and resorted by the guests who visit us.

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Dombos Fest

The story of Dombos (Hillside) started at the beginning of the '90s with a literary volume, the Dombosi történetek (Hillside Stories), in which the authors tried to build a ficticious Kishegyes onto the real one inhabiting it with semi-real heroes. For instance, they made plans for a subway in kishegyes, a Formula 1 circuit, and other things totally unsuitable for Kishegyes.

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