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Development of village tourism in Mali Idjos in the valley of Telecska Hills

Project purpose

  • Elaboration of the tourism development plan of Mali Idjos Municipality, as well as the tourism development, village tourism offers and marketing operational plan.
  • Economic development of Mali Idjos Municipality by the cross-border tourism development.
  • Improvement of the tourism offers in Mali Idjos Municipality and Vajdaság.
  • . New jobs, profitability and income rising.

Target group

Population of the three village in Mali Idjos Municipality, service contractors, organizations, public institutions and people who plan to offer tourism services, tourists from both sides of the border. Employees of the local government of Mali Idjos Municipality and the established Tourism Organization, the village tourism contractors and who plan to do it, private growers and civilians

Expected results:

  1. The 3-year tourism development plan and the documents of the operational programmes of Mali Idjos Municipality reach completion
  2. The furniture of the Tourism Organization office and the installation of the IT hardware and software make conditions to the efficiency of the tourism and enterprising cooperation of the target group.
  3. The 3-day and the 5-day thematic village tourism programme pack offer reach completion which is based on the target region's facility..
  4. By the initiation of the IT conditions the tourism offer gets to the Internet, initiates the condition of the international online appearance, the targeted location of the printed marketing tools which increase the knowledge about Mali Idjos Municipality, the number of the guests that tend to the success of employment growth and income improvement of the contractors in the municipality.
  5. The number of members increase in the Tourism Organization, the partnership cooperation makes the basis of the configuration of the tourism network.
  6. The familial self-employment opportunities broaden in the tourism enterprises