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The Tourism Organization of Mali Idjos Municipality was established to maintain, preserve and protect the tourism values of the village, as well as to develop tourism in the area of Mali Idjos Municipality. The founder of the organization is the Municipal Deputy Council, seated in Mali Idjos, 32 Tito Marsall Street

The role of the Tourism Organization:
. tourism promotion of the municipality,
. local tourism policy formulation and implementation of assistance, as well as the creation of a database,
. reception of tourists and tourist sites in the overall improvement of the conditions (the tourist interest in sports, recreation and other public content of the accompanying communal equipment, maintenance and construction of encouragement)
. management and coordination of tourism holders, increase and diversify the quality of tourism and the additional content in order to create tourist attraction sites,
. organzation of informative presentation of the tourism activities, cultural, sporting and other activities, as well as fun and festive events and deploy their purpose,
. presentation and promotion of the village's tourism division, including the original values (tradition, customs and folklore heritage, etc.) and creation of conditions to access them,
. aprotection of the tourist interest monuments and other material goods, maintenance and refurbishment, presentation and inclusion into the tourist offers,
. promoting and encouraging the development of tourism throughout the municipality,
. elaboration of tourism plans and programs in accordance with the presentation of the tourism strategy of Republic of Serbia and Autonomous Province of Vojvodina,
. management of the single register of tourists in the municipality, in order to control the residence tax payment and professional data processing,
. establishment of tourist organization units at tourist places,
. realization of other tasks in favor of development of tourism in the village.