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The settlement, as a part of the Hundred of Bacs-Bodrog , was mentioned firstly with name Lovcenac in 1476. It was the property of the Maroties. In 1543, it was written down with name Sekic in the terrier of the Archbishopric of Kalocsa. The inhabitants were Serbian. In the reign of Jozsef II, German people were settled in Sekic. These people have been there for 158 years, but in 1944, during the relocations, the settlement became depopulated.
After the Second World War, by the decision of the Yugoslavian government, people from Monte Negro were settled in the village. The colonization lasted two years. The first settlers arrived on 15th November, 1946. The name of the village was changed on Lovcenac on 4th December, 1946. During its history, Lovcenac have had a large progress in the society life. The purpose of the youth in Lovcenac is to create an urbane and recent environment.

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